8 Twitter Accounts to Make You Smile

Sometimes it feels like I only see bad news and angry people on social media. Whenever I start to feel this way, I search out new pages to brighten up my feed. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Thoughts of Dog

Imagine your dog knew how to tweet. Now imagine it tweeted all of its thoughts throughout the day. That’s exactly what @dog_feelings is.

Memes for Jesus

@MemesForJesus and it’s curator @mchaelschaffer. Be prepared for many jokes about church culture and Bible stories.

Bob Goff

Author of Love Does and Everybody Always and Ugandan ambassador to the United States: @bobgoff teaches people how to spread the message of Christ by “loving everybody, always.” Expect lots of tweets with motivational and encouraging messages from his books, his readers, and the Bible.

Josh Sundquist

Motivational speaker, comedian, and author, @JoshSundquist lost his leg to cancer when he was little. He doesn’t shy away from it at all! This leads to his unique brand of encouragement and humor on social media.

John Crist

You really couldn’t make a list like this without including @johnbcrist. His frequent videos and one liners about church culture and life in general always make me laugh.

Calvin and Hobbes

@Calvinn_Hobbes – It’s an account that only posts Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. You’re Welcome.

Sadie Robertson

If you want to feel better and be reminded of what’s true, @sadierob is the Twitter account for you! She’s always up to something encouraging.

Dustin Nickerson

@DustinNickerson A Christian comedian and podcaster. Expect lots of one liners.

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