4 Christian Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re not medical experts, so we’ll leave creating a list of COVID-19 appropriate behaviors to them. But we do know a few simple things:


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Besides washing our hands and social distancing, what else can Christians do in this time of worry and panic? Here’s how God invites us to respond:

1. With Prayer

It’s not an accident the Gospels mention Jesus praying so often. Prayer is something we can do to help others and to encourage ourselves. As our WAY Nation pastor, Pastor Dave, said, “Prayer is not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom.”

God invites us to respond to our fear, anxiety, and doubt, by running to Him and recognizing Him as the Source of Goodness, Wisdom, and Life.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

2. With Loving Our Neighbors

The COVID-19 virus might not present danger to you. In fact, it probably won’t. Chances are, if you get it, you and your family will be fine.

But that’s not true for everyone.

COVID-19 is a serious disease that could be fatal for many people. If you don’t take the recommended precautions, like washing your hands, self-quarantining, and avoiding large gatherings, then you might directly contribute to someone’s death.

Just because it’s not a big deal for you, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a big deal to you.

Also, if you’re not in a high risk category for the disease, don’t hoard supplies. Show generosity with your supplies. Share. Which reminds me…

3. With Hope

We serve the Great Physician. We know the One who holds the world in His hands. No matter how scary or bad things get, we know God is actively working in our world.

We don’t place our hope in everything working out because of doctors, science, fate, luck, or the long arc of the universe. We place our hope in God, who is working through those things to bring about His Goodness.

When we rest in Christ, we can be beacons of hope to those around us.

It doesn’t mean we discount or ignore their fear or struggles. It doesn’t mean we respond to their concerns with disbelief or platitudes.

But it does mean we can offer encouragement and joy when others share their fears with us.

4. With Reason

Our hope and security in Jesus doesn’t mean we get to ignore the best advice from credible, medical sources. It also means we don’t need to panic and behave as if the apocalypse is upon us.

Christianity has always mixed faith with reason, and the way we as Christians treat this pandemic shouldn’t be any different. Neither panic nor ignorance are Fruits of the Spirit.

We understand and believe our hope is in God and His goodness, but we also understand and believe in washing our hands and listening to medical advice.

May we be like a city on a hill in these times of unrest and cultural fear. May we remind others of our ultimate hope. May we love our neighbor by taking practical steps to keep them physically safe. And may we lean into the wisdom of God for how we speak, act, and think over the next few weeks or months.

Are you struggling with fear or anxiety?

If the coronavirus has you feeling more fearful or anxious than you’d like to be, this 15 day study is for you. It’s called, “Fear: What it is and how to live beyond it.” WBSG Fear , then we’ll send you inspiring stories right to your inbox from Christian artists and personalities who have been there, too. We’ll send you inspiring stories from Christian artists and personalities who have been there, too.

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