10 Hilarious Biblical Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you’re dressing up for Trick or Treating or taking the kids to your church’s Fall Festival for Trunk or Treat we hope you can use one of these costume ideas to blow away your friends and family with your creativity!

1) The Bible

Because what could be more biblical than dressing up as the Word itself.

Woman dressed up as the Holy Bible

2) David & Goliath

No Halloween costume could possibly be cuter than this little boy dressed up as young David with his dad dressed as the big bad Philistine Goliath.

Dad and son dress up as David & Goliath

3) The Holy Ghost

Add a halo on top of this ghost costume or carry your Bible with you and BOOM. Holy Ghost costume for the win.

Kid dressed as a ghost for halloween

4) Holy Cow

And while we’re on the theme of holiness… Pro tip: save this costume in your closet to pull out when the dress like a cow for free Chick-fil-A day rolls around.

Girl dressed in cow print clothes with wings and a halo "holy cow"

5) Noah’s Ark

Whether you are steering the ark on your own or need to suit up the whole family, this costume is a winner.

6) The Armor of God

If you take the instructions in Ephesians 6 TOO literally you might find yourself in this costume…

Person dressed in a suit of armor costume with a sword "Armor of God"

7 ) Daniel and the Lions Den

The perfect Bible costume for you and your pup!

Man dressed in clothes from Biblical times with his pet dog in a lions mane "Daniel and the Lion's Den" Golden Retriever dog in a lions mane costume for halloween

8) VeggieTales – Bob & Larry

Because why NOT dress up as the only vegetables every child can agree to love!

9) Jonah and the Whale

Pro tip: soak your costume in sardines for the perfect fishy smell addition to this ensemble.

10) Catholic Nun

Costumes aren’t just for people, let your pooch get in on the fun too! This costume is sure to turn some heads.

A Refreshing Take on Christianity and Halloween by Matt Chandler
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September 29, 2021 5:35 pm

yup – hilarious! Can’t wait to show to our Children’s Pastor in charge of Trunk or Treat!

October 16, 2020 8:26 pm

Adorable costume ideas! Love Jonah and the whale, don’t think I could stomach the idea!

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